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    Lovingherb Biotech Limited, known as Lovingherb, is located in Xi’an High-tech Zone. Lovingherb is one of the earliest companies dedicated in organic herbs(powder), organic herbal extracts, organic oil seeds proteins in China. Our organic products have been certified by KIWA-BCS, CERES in accordance with EC834/2007, EC889/2008, USDA NOP, COR organic regulations. 

    We have more than 30,000acres organic farming base, mainly including organic jujube farming, organic licorice root farming, organic astragalus root farming, organic alfalfa grass farming, organic lotus farming, organic pumpkin farming. We process those organic products into organic ground powders, organic extracts, and organic proteins.

   Lovingherb has 80acres GMP certified factory, and we have continuously been certified as organic, ISO, KOSHER, SC factory.After many years experiments, Lovingherb has established a high-tech factory with advanced equipment and technics, we has also solved high temperature sterilization treatment on organic herbal powders.

   We have established long term relationship with third party lab including Eurofins, SGS, Alexstewart. We keep inspecting every batch in third party lab, including pesticide residue, heavy metals, microbiology etc.

   Our organic products are  certified organic in accordance with EC834/2007, EC889/2008, USDA NOP, COR, ACO. And we issue TCs for every batch for good traceability. We help clients to issue COI from TRACE system. We satisfy your very detail demands.

   As huge increasing demand of organic products in global market. Lovingherb, as one of the import supplier of organic functional foods, organic healthy products, organic medicine, will play an import role and will keep active in this field, and we will contribute to human health.

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